Since its inception in 1996, DAAP has been committed to making an impact in the Greater Houston Area by offering scholarships and grants that support youth in underserved communities. DAAP has given more than $200,000.00 in aide and is proud of its record which includes annually awarding multiple four-year scholarships, book scholarships, and a scholarship which covers the cost of day care for a single parent attending school. Additionally, DAAP is honored to provide grants to community organizations that conduct academic and artistic programs in local communities.


“Narrowing the achievement gap, one community at a time”

DAAP is committed to narrowing the achievement gap that exist in underserved communities by awarding scholarships to deserving students; by raising money to support academic and artistic programs; and being an advocate for youth in the Greater Houston Area


About the organization.

While research continues to show a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is necessary for almost all well paying jobs, indepth educational studies found that students in some areas are at a disadvantage because their homes and/or the schools they attend lack the resources and programs to adequately prepare them to compete.

DAAP believes, if given the opportunity, many of these young people have the desire and natural gifts to compete, but find themselves constrained by socio-economic factors. Through collective support, these students can achieve greatness.

Today’s students must be prepared to compete in areas of math, science, and technology. DAAP believes there is a relationship between participation in artistic programs and academic achievement. This core belief is the driving force behind our mission and the reason we support programs highlighting artistic creativity and scholastic ambition.

DAAP is committed to narrowing the gap that exists by:

  • Providing scholarships to deserving students in underserved communities;
  • Raising money to support academic and artistic programs;
  • Being an advocate for youth in the Greater Houston Area.

Board of Directors

Wendle Van Smith, Esq.

Chairman and President

Angelia Allison


Audrey Coaxum


Rosa Davis

Financial Secretary

Janice Hale-Harris


Denise Huff


Porscha Jackson


Thomasine Johnson


Cassie Levy

Assistant Financial Secretary

Chelsea Taylor


Next Steps…

The DAAP Board is always looking for community leaders that share the same vision as the organization.  A board representative will contact you regarding the next steps. – Thank you!

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